Custom Trench Shielding and Shoring Equipment Rental

Luby Shoring provides a wide selection of standard and custom trench shielding and shoring options. Our equipment is cost effective, safe and versatile, relied upon by underground utility professionals, municipalities and private contractors. All products are Professional Engineer certified to help you meet OSHA’s excavation and trench safety standards.

Available products include double wall trench shields, spreaders, manhole shields, slide rail systems, bedding material containers, and aluminum trench shields.

St. Louis Trench Shielding and Shoring Equipment

Steel Double Wall Trench Shields

  • Reinforced top rails
  • Adjustable and stackable
  • Four point lifting system

Aluminum Double Wall
Trench Shields

  • Telescoping spreader sets in a variety
    of sizes
  • Stackable with Build-A-Box™
  • Greatest strength to weight ratio in
    the industry


Modular aluminum trench
shielding system

  • Designed to be used with adjustable
    arch spreaders
  • Assembled in minutes
  • Changes can be made on the spot to
    adjust to any job with light to extreme


For steel trench shields

  • 4 and 5 pipe independent spreader sets
  • 24″ to 240″ length

Manhole Shields

  • Designed to be used in two, three,
    or four sided configurations with an
    independent spreader system
  • Can also be used with the 6″
    schedule 80 spreader

Slide Rail System

A universal component steel trench
shielding system

  • Standard 4 sided pit saves time and
    money with installation and excavation
    completed together
  • ClearSpan™ System incorporates
    special walers for larger unobstructed
    four-sided working pits
  • Linear or 4-sided multi-bay is ideal when
    installing next to existing utilities and

Stone Mizer®

Bedding material containers

  • From 36x60x140 to 60×90.5×224
  • Holds from 4,210 lbs up to 14,600 lbs