St Louis Trench Shoring

The Different Techniques Of Trench Shoring

At Luby Shoring Services, we use a variety of trench shoring techniques.   OSHA aims at providing...
St. Louis Trench Shoring

Five Reasons Shoring is Important – Trench Shoring

There are a number reasons why shoring is important; employee safety is at the top. When...
OSHA Competent Person

Stay Safe and Become a Competent Person – St. Louis Shoring

Having a competent person on an excavation site helps ensure employee safety at all times. When...
St. Louis Shoring

What You Need to Know about OSHA and Trench Safety

It’s important to regularly review the safety regulations that apply to you and your crew. Construction...
Shoring Equipment St. Louis

Renting Shoring Equipment is Cost-Effective and Convenient

We want to help you improve your job site with the right shoring equipment. Whether you’re...

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About Luby Shoring Services

Luby Shoring was established in 2015 by Steve Luby. He grew up with construction equipment, spending summers helping in the parts department at his family’s business, Luby Equipment Services. Steve continued working in the industry and was a part of senior management in Luby Equipment’s sales department until he saw the need for expanding the shoring business.