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Call 636-660-7467 :: Experts in trench shoring and excavation projects. Quickly complete any job while meeting OSHA safety regulations. Trench shields & shoring equipment rental.


Trenching St. Louis

How to Determine the Soil Type for the Best Trenching Method

Knowing what they are and how to evaluate and accommodate for them are critical to...
Trench Safety St Louis

The Newest OSHA Guideline Changes for Trenching and Excavating

If excavation work sites aren’t properly constructed, then this puts the workers at great risk. Trenching...
Trench Shoring St. Louis

Improve Your Jobsite with Trench Shields and Shoring

Trench shoring is a procedure that braces the walls of a trench to prevent collapse...
Trench Safety St. Louis

Why Supervision is Key to Keeping Your Trenching Project Safe

To keep workers safe don’t set unrealistic goals or offer incentives for things to get...
Shoring St. Louis

What Makes Shoring a Better Option Compared to Other Techniques

Shoring is the most economical and safest method of protecting trench workers. Cave-ins are the biggest...

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About Luby Shoring Services

Luby Shoring was established in 2015 by Steve Luby. He grew up with construction equipment, spending summers helping in the parts department at his family’s business, Luby Equipment Services. Steve continued working in the industry and was a part of senior management in Luby Equipment’s sales department until he saw the need for expanding the shoring business.