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Call 636-660-7467 :: Experts in trench shoring and excavation projects. Quickly complete any job while meeting OSHA safety regulations. Trench shields & shoring equipment rental.


The Benefits and Uses of Manhole Shields

Working on manhole projects can be an aggravating. However, using a manhole shield can help...
Slide Rail Shoring System

Keep Your Site & Crew Safe with a Slide Rail Shoring System

Slide Rail Systems are a cost-effective solution for keeping your crew and excavation site safe. Each...

Trench Shoring – Advantages of Aluminum Shields

Aluminum shields are ideal for smaller jobs in place of steel trench boxes. If you own...

Is a Slide Rail Shoring System Right for Your Project?

A Slide Rail system is designed to keep workers safe while also saving contractors time...
St. Louis Trench Shoring

Trench Shielding or Trench Shoring – Which is Right for Your Project?

Because no two projects are the same, shoring and shielding methods will also differ. Shoring is...

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About Luby Shoring Services

Luby Shoring was established in 2015 by Steve Luby. He grew up with construction equipment, spending summers helping in the parts department at his family’s business, Luby Equipment Services. Steve continued working in the industry and was a part of senior management in Luby Equipment’s sales department until he saw the need for expanding the shoring business.