Will these new tech devices help your workers stay safe on the construction site?

Since we’re in the business of construction safety and support, we tend to get a little excited anytime we see new technology emerge that will help keep people safe while on the job. It seems like every day new technology emerges to help make all of our lives easier, and the construction industry isn’t immune to these advances. We’re going to outline a few of the new resources heading our way that will be sure to move the industry forward:

  • Smart Helmets – It might look like an ordinary hard hat, but it’s so much more. These smart helmets (there are a few brands out there) can display a virtual version of the work site, which allows you to train easier, see the overall scope of the project quickly and easily, and display instructions to your crew. The helmets can also gather data which will make it easier to comply with safety regulations and maintain your records.
  • Exoskeletons – According to OSHA, over 600,000 workplace injuries each year are attributed to back injuries. The construction industry can be rough on your body, especially your back. The new exoskeletons hitting the market can help ease the strain on your body when you’re lifting heavy materials.
  • Drones – Yes, drones are everywhere. It’s likely your children even have had a chance to try flying one. However, they’re more than just a fun tech toy. They can also help you stay safe on the job by giving you the ability to examine parts of the job site that would be unsafe to enter. More than that, they can be used for planning and surveying projects, even before they begin.

When it comes to safety and efficiency in the construction industry, it’s apparent that the tech sector will be our greatest asset moving forward. It will be exciting to see the ever-changing tech landscape as it relates to our everyday work life.


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