Your workers have rights

14212673 - two construction worker at the siteAs a contractor, you are well aware of the fact that your workers have rights, and you do everything you can to make sure they are safe, content, and productive on the job. OSHA, the administration responsible for making sure working men and women have access to safe working conditions, has compiled a list of worker’s rights that are required for every job. You can find a list under the Know Your Rights column on the OSHA website.

In addition to being able to count on a workplace that’s free of any health and safety hazards, workers also have the right to question unsafe situations without fear of retribution. This means, they must be able to weigh in on potential issues without having to worry about disciplinary action or losing their job. In fact, workers are encouraged to file confidential complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, who will determine if an off-site investigation or an on-site inspection needs to occur.

If an on-site inspection does take place, workers have the right to a private meeting with the OSHA inspector before and after the inspection. In fact, if there is no union in place, the inspector is required to have confidential meetings with a reasonable number of workers as part of the investigation.

The best way to avoid any of these issues is to do everything in your power to understand and prioritize your worker’s rights. Frequently review OSHA regulations that are pertinent to your workplace, and allow your workers to come to you with concerns (and ideally, solutions to problems they encounter).

We’re here to make sure you have the right equipment for every job, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Monitoring the guidelines and taking the appropriate steps to ensuring your workers are safe, healthy, and happy on the job is one of the most important parts of your job as a boss.


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