Modular Aluminum Trench Shielding System

Build-A-Box™ is a modular aluminum trench shield system that is hand assembled and easily transportable.

Every job and jobsite are different. However, two things that are always a priority, no matter the situation, are safety and cost. First, you must protect your workers, their safety is of the upmost importance. Second, the job needs to be cost-effective.


Build-A-Box™ modular aluminum trench shielding system may be the right fit for your jobsite, ensuring both the safety of your crew and the cost-effectiveness of your job.

Build-A-Box™ Uses and Features

Build-A-Box™ has a number of uses and features that make it suitable for many jobs. Not only is the system easily transportable but it is also easily assembled. In addition, it is compatible with XLAP aluminum shields. Build-A-Box’s flexibility makes it an indispensable tool for small cable and utility projects, municipal maintenance, manhole installation or for troubleshooting applications.

Some additional features of Build-A-Box™ include:

  • Narrow sidewalls
  • Tongue and groove design
  • Exclusive corner end posts
  • Foam filled
  • Ultra-light double wall aluminum
  • Stackable with XLAP
  • Professional engineer design and depth certification
  • Heavy duty adjustable strut
  • Fast and easy hand assembly
  • Pick-Up truck transportable
  • Lightweight

It can be assembled into 2, 3, or 4-sided shielding configurations. If more complex configurations are required, Build-A-Box™ can be designed for special use projects. Also, it is designed to be used with adjustable arch spreaders. Finally, changes can be made on the spot to adjust to any job with light to extreme conditions.

Fast and Easy Hand Assembly

Another feature is its ease of assembly. Most of the panels can be handled by one person. The complete unit stacks flat, which minimizes storage and transportation issues. Each panel is pinned to corner posts and they are stacked to a desired height. Its versatility allows for T-connections and the optional barrier posts increase safety for your crew.

Luby Shoring Services in St. Louis

At Luby Shoring, we provide a wide selection of standard and custom trench shielding and shoring options. Our equipment is cost effective, safe and versatile, relied upon by underground utility professionals, municipalities and private contractors. All products are Professional Engineer certified to help you meet OSHA’s excavation and trench safety standards.

We can help you decide if the Build-A-Box™ modular aluminum trench shielding system is right for your job. Call us today at (636) 660-7467 or fill out our online contact form.


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