Renting Shoring Equipment is Cost-Effective and Convenient

We want to help you improve your job site with the right shoring equipment.

Shoring Equipment St. Louis

Whether you’re part of a new company that’s just starting to acquire their own equipment, or you’re a contractor who doesn’t often utilize shoring and trench shielding equipment for your jobs, not everyone has access to this specialized equipment. It is an investment that takes some time to budget for, and even then, it’s unlikely that you will have everything on hand that you might need to complete your job safely. Luckily, there are convenient rental options out there that can make finishing your job a breeze.

Shoring Equipment Rental Options

At Luby Shoring Services, we want to help you improve your job site with the right equipment. Your crew will be safer when you use steel or aluminum double wall trench shields, the Build-A-Box™ modular aluminum trench shielding system, manhole shields, Stone Mizer, Hydraulic shores, and last but not least, our slide rail systems.

When you use our equipment, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are Professional Engineer certified to help you ensure you’re following all of OSHA’s excavation and trench safety guidelines. Our equipment is trusted by professionals, from underground utility professionals to municipalities to private contractors.

If you decide that a piece of equipment is worth keeping, we can make that happen. All of our rental equipment is for sale at a reasonable price. Like our rental equipment, we can deliver it to you quickly and reliably. Simply call us at (636) 660-7467 (SHORE) or visit our website for more information.




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