Five Reasons Shoring is Important – Trench Shoring

There are a number reasons why shoring is important; employee safety is at the top.

When you think of trenches, you may imagine a bunch of soldiers huddled together but that’s not the only thing trenches are used for. Trenches are actually used much more frequently in construction. In construction, the excavation of earth is a common occurrence, and for many different purposes. Whatever the purpose however, when there is a hole in the earth that is deeper than it is wide, that is classified as a trench.

Trenches are very prone to collapse though, and because of this they need to be stabilized with trench shoring. Trench shoring is material that is used to support a trench so that it doesn’t collapse, and it is very important to the safety of any workers that will be moving around in the trench. Let’s take a look at 5 different reasons why trench shoring is so incredibly important when working with or in trenches.

1. Safety

This is the number one reasons why trench shoring is important. As stated above, trenches are prone to collapse and if a trench happens to collapse while workers are inside, lives can very easily be lost. Depending on how big the trench is, being stuck in a trench collapse could be compared to be buried up to your waist in sand at the beach, or being buried alive by a mudslide or an avalanche. Both are traumatizing and could cause great bodily harm to workers. If you can’t think of any other reason why you should use trench shoring, this one stands alone on its own merit.

2. Time Saved

If a trench collapses, even if nobody is in it it’s still going to cause major problems. The trench will have to be re-dug out, costing you time and money that you don’t have. Trench shoring will prevent your project from being sidetracked.

3. Peace of Mind

Your workers will not be able to work efficiently and quickly if they are constantly worried about their trench collapsing. They might make mistakes and be on edge without the proper support around them.

4. Financial Safety

If a trench collapses, not only will it cost you money to re-dig it and repair or replace anything that was damaged, but if it happens to collapse on your workers, you could be facing lawsuits if they are injured.

5. Future Use

If you are a company that digs lots of trenches, you might be able to make use of your trench boxes over and over again if you buy them. This will save you money in the long term and ensure that you never have to go without trench shoring.

St. Louis Trench Shoring

Trench shoring is incredibly important for many different reasons. If you want your workers to be safe, and avoid costly repairs and wasted time, you need to use trench shoring anytime you have people working in trenches. Not only will it save you time and money, but more importantly it will save your employees lives.

When it comes to excavating projects, rely on Luby Shoring’s expertise. We’ll help you complete any job quickly, while meeting OSHA safety regulations. We have a wide range of options available for fast delivery, and our team will provide options for the correct equipment to use with your job. Call us today at (636) 660-7467 or fill out our online contact form.


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