Prevent Hazards by Avoiding these Common Trenching Mistakes

To prevent accidents, it is best to avoid these most common trenching mistakes.

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When it comes to construction, there are fewer jobs more dangerous than trenching and shoring. Trenching and shoring are both done to safeguard the integrity of a structure that might not otherwise be safe.

Providing bracing by using the area around the structure, trenching operations are adequate ways to work around buildings until the structure is safe again. The problem with trenching is that many things can compromise the safety of both workers and the work site. To prevent accidents, it is best to avoid these most common trenching mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not Doing the Research

It might seem like a simple thing, providing a shield while you work. But when it comes to dealing with soil conditions, weather, water, and all the other things that can compromise the safety of a trenching structure, you simply can’t plan too much. Make sure to accommodate for anything that can go wrong – because when it comes to construction and trenching, it likely will. And when it does, it isn’t just an oops, it has the potential to cause serious injuries – and in some instances, death.

Mistake 2: Don’t Misjudge Things

If you always err on the side of things going your way, then you are going to get into trouble. For trenching sites, the only way to ensure that no one gets hurt, your operation doesn’t get behind or shut down, and that things go as smoothly as possible, is to anticipate the worst-case scenario and plan for it. If you think that the worst can’t happen, then you aren’t going to be prepared when it does. When it comes to construction, everything unpredictable is predictable; if you want to keep everyone safe, then that is the theory you have to live by.

Mistake 3: Not Using the Right Equipment

Shoring and trenching equipment can cost a lot of money. But if you don’t dig correctly or set up your trenching work site appropriately, the potential consequences far outweigh the cost of renting the right equipment or hiring someone to do it right. When it comes to trenching, don’t save pennies by spending dollars. The number-one priority should be to keep your workers safe and to be on schedule without any major hiccups. Sometimes paying the money up front to make sure things go right is well worth it, and better than to end up paying for the mistake of not doing it correctly.

St. Louis Trenching Company

Trenching can be a very dangerous practice in the construction industry. If you don’t shore things up correctly and build a safe work site for everyone, you not only risk the safety of your employees – you also can jeopardize being on track, paying for an injury, and not securing the job site to run as efficiently as it should. Sometimes you have to put in the additional cost, effort, and research to ensure that your outcome is what you want and that everyone is safe. To make sure that you are doing everything to code and keeping everyone safe, contact a St. Louis trenching company to help you devise the best plan to make your construction project run smoothly.

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