Trench Shoring: Legal and Technical Requirements

Trench shoring is subject to a number of legal and technical requirements to guarantee safety.


Trench shoring is a very common technique used in underground excavation. It is needless to say that it is also one of the riskiest aspects of construction and mining work, so it should be approached with foresight and extreme caution.

To ensure that the trench shoring is installed properly and works well, you need the
right tools and a well trained crew. You can ensure this just by employing the right kind of St. Louis Trench Shoring Services. Here is some information about the legal and technical requirements of a trench shoring project.

Legal Requirements

Trench shoring, just like any other construction project, is subject to a number of legal requirements mandated by law. One such legal requirement is that any trench which is more than 5 feet deep must have shoring to ensure worker safety. The types of procedures and tools that should be implemented for any specific project is determined mainly by soil evaluation, and also by environmental factor such as transport systems, surrounding buildings, protected green zones and pipelines.

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements of a trench shoring project are determined by both the project specifications and legal requirements. Soil type directly influences the types of tools that should be used and how steep and how deep a trench excavation should be.  It is important to note that safety should always be top priority or primary requirement for any construction project regardless of its complexity, budget and time frame.

Safety and Health

Safety and health is the key reason why it is important to ensure that the trench shoring is installed correctly. It is a well known fact that trenches are extremely dangerous places to work in and each year, many accidents occur causing serious injuries and sometimes loss of life.

In the entire excavation process, the actual act of excavation is the most dangerous part, so most construction workers prefer using reinforcement methods that need minimal human intervention during the process. For example, hydraulic shoring can be installed with little human involvement. No one needs to enter the trench to install hydraulic shoring.

Benefits of Hiring St. Louis Trench Shoring Services

When it comes to trench shoring, choosing the right provider can make all the difference. Proper installation ensures that the shoring provides the best possible structural support. A competent and qualified St. Louis trench shoring services contractor should oversee the complete shoring installation process in order to identify any potential risks and to prevent them from occurring at the first place.

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