The Basics of Temporary Shoring and How it Can Benefit You

Temporary shoring is an excellent way to provide a building with strength and minimize further damage.

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Temporary shoring is an emergency band-aid that provides a shelter for structural integrity when a building has lost its stability. Not a “fix,” it is a way to hold the problem steady until a repair can be made and it helps to stop any further insult to the building in the interim.

There are many reasons why a building might need temporary shoring, but most commonly it is necessary when:

  • There is a disaster such as a flood or fire that compromises the structural integrity of a facility, house, or building
  • If a building’s foundation is compromised through settlement and it leads to a crack in the exterior wall
  • If the walls of a building or your home start to bulge outward creating structural problems
  • When an opening in a wall becomes larger either through construction or another disaster

The benefits of hiring a temporary shoring company are that it is an excellent way to provide a building strength and to minimize the potential for further damage that can be more costly. Temporary shoring companies help by setting up walls or beams that hold the structure into place so that repairs can be made safely and without more expense than necessary.

Types of Temporary Shoring Methods

There are a number of different types of temporary shoring methods, some of these include:

  • Dead shores – Dead shores are the method that temporary shoring companies will use when vertical support is necessary. Dead shores are primarily used when most of the house or building has been damaged or removed. Being able to take on a lot of weight to maintain the structure, they are built with beams and posts to strengthen the integrity and build a firm foundation.
  • Flying shores – Flying shores are a method that shoring companies use when there are two buildings involved. If one of the buildings is being removed or demolished and rebuilt, the flying shore can help to stabilize the remaining building. Many different components go into a flying shore such as cleats, needles, horizontal shores and plates.
  • Raking shores – A raking shore is a structure that is used to support any walls that aren’t structurally sound within a building. Using cleats, needles, sole plates, inclined members, bracing and wall plates, they help to keep walls intact to minimize any damage to the existing building or structure.

St. Louis Trench Shoring

When your home or building is compromised either through disaster, old age, or from an adjacent home being renovated, it is always best to give the building the support it needs to maintain its structural integrity. Temporary shoring is an excellent way to provide the necessary tools to ensure that no more costly damage is done. Once temporary shoring is in place, it becomes safer for everyone and repairs can start.

If you are concerned about the integrity of your home’s foundation or structure, it is always best to have it evaluated by a structural engineer. If temporary shoring is needed, it can not only help to stop any more damage; it can help to expedite the repairs and get your home or building back on track.

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