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An aluminum trench shoring system is used on the sites where the ground is unstable. The
walls in a trench are braced with the trench shoring boxes so that they do not collapse. This
helps protect workers from getting injured while performing their tasks in trenches.

The trench boxes have spring mounted flexible spindles. The cut and lower method is used
to install them. The thickness of the plates vary.

Employee Safety

Top priority is given to the safety of workers on any construction site. The task of excavation can be very risky. Workers often have to work in trenches which are several feet deep and extend for miles. The most dangerous part of the job is that the walls of a trench or an excavation may cave-in and trap the workers under the dirt and other materials.

Companies use different types of equipment to avoid such accidents and to make the job
safer for the employees.

Types of Hydraulic Aluminum Trench Shoring Systems

Various types of equipment can be utilized according to the size and type of the trench. The
most popular ones are:

  • Hydraulic shoring – In this method, hydraulic pistons are used with heavy plywood or steel plates to shore up the trench. First, the plywood or the plates are put in the appropriate places. After that, the pistons are positioned. They are activated till they press against the walls. In this way the place is made safe for the workers.
  • The soldier boarding method is used for some type of trenches.
  • The beam and plate method – First, steel beams are fixed in the ground. Then steel plates are inserted between them. This helps to shore up the walls of the trench. Wooden planks are utilized instead of steel plates in some jobs.

Some people have an impression that trenches are dug to install pipes or some other things below the ground. However, trenches are dug for other purposes also. They are required for installing manholes too. It is equally important to shore up such trenches and make them safe.

An Innovative Method of Shoring

New methods have been developed to make the trenches safe for the workers. The fin form
takes advantage of the pressure exerted by the surrounding ground on the trench walls. In
this, first when the walls are put into the ground they are slightly angled. Then they bow out and become straight. In this way, they create a very tight fit and it is not possible for the trench walls to waver or collapse. The fin form walls are frequently used in manhole
construction where the spaces are narrow and tight and there are more chances of collapse. 

The hydraulic aluminum trench shoring products like vertical shores, hydraulic shields, end
shores, manhole shoring and waler systems are very useful for doing spot repairs, and for
working in tight situations, or working in places where it is not possible to use bulky

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