What You Need to Know about Trench Shielding

Trench shields play the most important role when it comes to safety of workers working in a trench.

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Trench workers have to perform their duties in perhaps one of the most hazardous and stressful conditions. Trenches are often dug out in industries such as construction for laying the foundation of a building, for pipe laying or underground wiring jobs.

Trench shields play the most important role when it comes to safety of workers working in a trench. A good and strong trench shield helps keep the work space safe and protects workers from hazardous trench collapses. Trench shields function to keep the side walls of the trenches secure and prevent them from caving-in.

It is therefore essential that employers understand the qualities of a good trench shield, appropriate handling procedures and what type of trench shield is ideal for the job. Our St. Louis trench shoring services experts explain this in detail.

What are Trench Shields

All trenches can at some point in time collapse or cave in. It is therefore important that trench shields are chosen on the basis of the depth of the trench dug out and the quality of the ground material that the trench is made of. Trench shields are most commonly made of either steel or aluminum. Such trench shields have the ability to maintain a rigid hold on the trench walls, giving workers the ability to focus on the job at hand better and more time to complete their job before the trench walls cave in.

Sizing a Trench Shield

Sizing a trench shield is an important step. Therefore one has to be equipped with the correct information about sizing trench shields. While sizing a trench shield, one should choose a trench shield based on the size of the trench, the weight of the shield that is going to be handled by trench shoring equipment, know the depth of the trench, the quality of soil on which the trench is built, have an clear idea about the size of diameter of the outside pipe and the lift capacity of the excavator.

Trench Shield Assembly and Handling

Once a trench shield type is chosen, it is important that it is assembled exactly according to the manufacturers manuals provided. Moreover, those engaged in trench shield assembly should be well trained and have enough experience in assembly and handling of trench shields. They should use all original parts such as the rebar, bolts, pipe, spreader pins etc. and these should never be substituted. The keepers of the trench shield should always be properly installed.

Safety is always the number one priority at any workplace. Trenches are no different. It is mandatory that all aspects of safety are covered. The first and foremost safety check is to ensure all trench shield operators and supervisors receive proper training with regards to correct practices of assembling as well as handling trench shields. All workers and operators should be provided with proper personal protection equipment like helmets while working in the trenches and while operating trench shields.

Trench Shoring St Louis

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