Trench Shoring – Advantages of Aluminum Shields

Aluminum shields are ideal for smaller jobs in place of steel trench boxes.

If you own a construction business, you are likely very familiar with the dangers associated with trench cave-ins. A worker can easily suffer a permanent injury or even die as a result of a trench cave-in. Even relatively shallow trenches still pose a threat.


Employers not only need to keep their employees safe but must also consider how to protect their company. Using quality equipment like aluminum shields can accomplish both.

At Luby Shoring, we offer a full line of high-quality aluminum double-wall trench shields that are light enough to be used with rubber-tired backhoes, yet strong enough to still protect your workers from injuries or cave-ins. Our equipment is compliant with OSHA safety standards and will ensure the safety of your project!

Benefits of Aluminum Trench Boxes 

Also known as trench boxes, aluminum trench shields are engineered to offer security and protection for excavation sites that steel trench boxes provide, yet are less than half the weight. They are ideal for smaller jobs that can take the place of steel trench boxes. They are easy to transport and assemble. Another advantage is that they are stackable with Build-A-Box™.

Ease of Installation

In addition to safety, one of the primary benefits of aluminum shields is the ease of installation. Trench cages can be quite large and therefore require heavy machinery to maneuver. Installation of these heavier materials typically requires more workers and can take a large portion of the work day. The lighter, smaller nature of aluminum shoring materials means less workers and only requires a small piece of equipment for installation.

The use of aluminum trench boxes is cost effective and yet still provides the same measure of protection for your crew.

St. Louis Custom Trench Shoring

At Luby Shoring Services, we provide a wide selection of standard and custom trench shielding and shoring options. Our equipment is cost effective, safe and versatile, relied upon by underground utility professionals, municipalities and private contractors. All products are Professional Engineer certified to help you meet OSHA’s excavation and trench safety standards.

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