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This system is installed for the safety of the workers and to give stability to the trench, extending its lifespan.

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The people who work in the construction industry are familiar with the trench box system. It is an amazing system which is installed for the safety of the workers who perform the tasks of digging and excavating. Not only this, it is also very effective in giving stability to the trench and extending its lifespan.

A Trench Box

A trench box is also known as a trench shield, sewer box, manhole box, or a tap box. It is used in the construction work. It provides stability to a trench and keeps the utility workers safe while they carry out their duties.

It is a two sided support system used in a mechanical excavation. A trench box is an important shoring equipment which is a boon for excavators. It helps to increase job safety as well as productivity.

Workers use them while they pour the foundations. They also utilize trench boxes when they have to repair a piping or wiring underground.

Trench boxes are extremely important for the construction industry. The construction of new buildings or homes requires digging and excavation of the soil. So trench boxes are indispensable for the safety of the workers on the construction sites.

The Structure Of The Trench Box System

There are two types of trench boxes – steel trench boxes and aluminum trench boxes. They are made of two plates which are known as shields. The spreaders hold them apart. The plates line the trench’s walls. The spreaders are beams which are placed perpendicular to the plates and function as braces. All the parts are welded together to make the trench box system stable.

The system is designed in such a way that the workers can get in and come out of the trench box. This is very crucial in times of an emergency when they have to get out quickly from the area.

Benefits of Using Trench Boxes

Improves the stability of the trench – A trench shoring box is very important because it helps to make the trench more stable and long lasting. In the absence of a trench box, the hole can cave-in in a matter of few seconds. A trench box system assists in keeping the hole stable and safe for many months if the type of soil, the weather conditions and the depth of the trench are suitable. It is very valuable for long term construction projects.

Provides protection to the workers – Trench and excavation work is hazardous by nature. Trench cave-ins can take place even when all the safety precautions are taken. The trench box adds an extra layer of protection for the workers. It aims at minimizing the risk of injury to the workers while doing their job. There are safety regulations to ensure that the trench boxes are used appropriately. The maximum depth at which the trench box system can be used in a safe manner is determined by the depth rating regulations.

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